Monday, 17 June 2013

Strawberry Heaven

Men and their toys!!!     A recipe for disaster.
A couple of weeks ago our neighbour crashed his motorbike and shattered his knee
into more pieces than it should be!
He's just got out of the hospital, so I baked him a little treat.

I used the recipe from the Spring Cupcake Heaven magazine.  
To me, these were more like a muffin than a cupcake, but just as tasty.

 Recipe notes.
Instead of a nice golden brown colour, my cupcakes were a little on the grey side, 
has anyone else had this?
I think it's because of the juice from the strawberries. 
The original recipe called for them to be mashed, but next time I would just cut them into small pieces and see if that helps.

I ran out of icing sugar, so my recipe (above) uses 2/3rds of the original buttercream quantities, but as you can see from the picture, I still had plenty of frosting to generously cover the 12 cupcakes.

If you're wondering where to get strawberry syrup, for the buttercream, 
I used a strawberry dessert sauce,
the kind you buy in a squeezy bottle, to drizzle over ice cream. 

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