Monday, 24 June 2013

Diets always start on Mondays

My 'new diet' criteria...

  • Easy to follow
  • No ridiculous 'health' foods that are impossible to get hold of
  • I still want to be able to cook, so no meal replacements like bars, or shakes
  • Has to be healthy and balanced, with no banned foods.
  • I like cheap :-) so, no expensive ingredients
  • I have to be able to talk Mr Kiss into following it too, so it has to allow 'proper' food - no cottage cheese salads or fromage frais sauces.
  • I have to lose at least SOME weight :-)

                              The FAST diet

Eat as you normally would 5 days of the week, and limit your calories to 500 on the other 2 days.
(600 for men)

Sounds easy, right?   Watch this space :-)

FAST Day Breakfast #1   (approx 200 calories)

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