Thursday, 31 July 2014

Cheat's Spaghetti

I am trying to eat a more Paleo diet (like a caveman!)
For me, that means no rice, pasta, processed foods, cakes biscuits etc.
Remember - I did say TRYING !   :-)

So, instead of a big bowl of steaming pasta, I served my Bolognese with cabbage.
Yes - cabbage!  Honestly, it's better than it sounds.
In fact, no-one even missed the pasta.

Finely shred your cabbage and lightly boil, or steam.
(Don't over do it - you still want it to have some bite)


Di said...

Hi Caroline!

One of our very favourite recipes is Cabbage Layer - a bit like lasagne without the pasta :

Gosh yours did look yummy too!

Hugs, Di xx

Stressed Stamper said...

ummmmm not selling it to me...cabbage....ummm..naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh....she says eating a bag of crisps - honestly going to the gym is making me eat more!!!
Sarah x

Lee said...

Oh I have got to do this,I LOVE me pasta and rice dishes.I'v got some lovely left over cabbage,will def do this thank you so much.xx