Thursday, 24 July 2014

When only chocolate will do

It was my Wedding Anniversary last weekend.   29 years.
I looked it up. The appropriate gift is new furniture!!
I waited and waited, but no new sofa or chest of drawers arrived   ;-)
So, I consolled myself with caramel and chocolate :-)

Millionaire's Chocolate Tart.

This is a ridiculously, easy to make tart and, despite all that chocolate and caramel, it's suprisingly light.

I didn't bother adding the vanilla to the pastry, and just used a sheet of ready rolled shortcrust.
You can see from the picture above, that my chocolate layer is a little thin, that's because I used the whole tin of caramel, and my dish wouldn't fit all the chocolate mix in.
It didn't spoil the taste, but next time I won't be quite so generous with that caramel :-)
You only need 100g of the dark chocolate, so you can afford to choose a good quality bar. I used Lindt Sea Salt, and will defintely try this again with some of their other flavours.

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