Monday, 29 July 2013

Hot Puds

Fruit salads, ice cream and jellies are all well and good in the summer,
but sometimes I still hanker after a hot pud.
These coconut sponges fit the bill perfectly - 
lovely and sweet, with just the right amount of stodginess :-)

but with the glut of strawberries around at the moment,
I used them instead of the raspberries.

I think I may have a little trouble with my portion control - 
the recipe says this will serve 6, but I only managed 2 cups
and 2 little ramekins.
You could probably stretch it out to 4 cups with a little extra room for the strawberry sauce.

1 comment:

Sophie said...

These look delish and yes I know what you mean needing a bit of substance!! All topped off by wholesome fruit! And yes your comment about using ready popped toffee pop corn in ice cream could well be another new idea I will need to try out! What a great idea!

will definately give this pud a go!