Thursday, 31 January 2013

Salad... it's not just for rabbits!

This is one of those fab Pinterest ideas that I actually got round to trying :-)
Salad in Kilner jars.
These were brilliant!
I made them up at the start of the week and stored them in the fridge.
The jars are about 400ml, which we found was enough salad for a light lunch for the two of us, after you've added some prawns, chicken, ham, or anything else you fancy.

Of course, you can add whatever salad ingredients you like, but it's best to keep any dressing at the bottom, so things don't go soggy!

I also got to use my new julienne peeler, which made shredding the carrot an absolute doddle.

Now, I need to buy some more jars to try these out with fruit!! ;-)