Sunday, 2 February 2014


Lime jaffa cakes - that's what this cake reminded us of.
It was wondefully moist and full of flavour.
and it smelt so delicious that, as you can see from the photo,
we couldn't wait for it to cool before we cut into it!

The recipe is for Lime & Ginger Drizzle Cake
and I decorated mine with extra ginger and some dark chocolate.

You can see that it did sink in the middle a little, but that doesn't affect the taste, right?
It came out very moist and crumbly, so it's more of a plate and fork cake,
rather than something you can hold in your hand.



Di said...

I just HAD to peek :) Looks fantastic and just my kinda recipes Caroline - love the look of this cake for starters :)



Eve said...

Ooow this looks yummy Caroline!

I will have to try your 'jiggly' cheesecake as well!

Did you know that the T.V programme 'Lorraine' are asking for baked recipes for a competition to get it produced in Waitrose - I thought of you!

Ateliê Tribo de Judá said...

Dizem que antes de degustar nos deliciamos com o aroma e também com o visual.
Estarei aqui mais vezes apreciando seus post.