Saturday, 18 January 2014

Say Cheese

When it comes to cheesecake, I usually stick to an easy refrigerator mixture,
but I couldn't resist trying this baked recipe from Nestle
they had me at 'toffee'.

The mixture itself was very easy to put together, my only worry was how I would tell if it was baked properly. Most people seem to go with the jiggly method ie: the outside edges should be just set and the middle still a little jiggly!! 
Hmmm... there was lots of  'is that too jiggly?'  'Is that just jiggly enough?'
Finally, I used a thermometer and took the cheesecake out when it reached 70C (it was perfectly cooked).

It was delicious - but not without error.
My biscuit base was soft.
Was that because of the water bath?
Also, instead of pretty swirls of caramel, mine all sank to the bottom.

Notes: Try baking the biscuit layer for about 8 mins, before adding the filling.
If you don't want a layer of caramel, use a spoon to very gently swirl the caramel through the filling.



Joni nina Andaya said...

Oh WOW!!! That looks so good :)

Stressed Stamper said...

Really fancy making this one...I too am normally the fridge person for cheesecakes....will try and let you know
Sarah x