Monday, 29 April 2013

Boozy Black Forest Cupcakes

I'm not saying Mr Kiss is stuck in the 70's, but when I asked him what cake he would like for his birthday, his answer was Carrot Cake or Black Forest Gateau!!!

Here's my attempt to bring those Black Forest flavours a little more up to date.

I baked a simple, chocolate cupcake and then used my new little gadget to remove the core from each cake. You could do this with a sharp knife, but this little tool is so easy to use and makes a nice, neat hole.
I filled the holes with cherry pie filling and, since I didn't have any Kirsch, I added a glug of my favourite liqueur - Chambord (Black Raspberry).

The cakes were then topped with some whipped double cream,
 a morello cherry and some chocolate sprinkles.

They were delicious. 
The soft, cherry filling inside can make them a little messy to eat - but I can do messy!!
The alcohol turned out to be quite subtle - Chambord is only 16.5% proof, 
so next time I will try them with a stronger Kirsch, or Brandy.

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