Saturday, 9 February 2013

Passion Obsession

Here's a prime example of me not engaging my brain when cooking!!
I had intended to make a lovely Chocolate sponge, filled with a rich, raspberry cream
and then my 'creative' brain took over!!

If you can ignore the fact that it looks like something the cat threw up on,
the chocolate, raspberry and passion fruit is a delicious combination.
And yes, I am obsessed with Passion Fruit at the moment!
The recipe is Mary Berry's Chocolate Victoria Sponge
filled and topped with chocolate buttercream, raspberries and passion fruit.
If you're after a classic, chocolate cake recipe, give this one a try - 
it's very easy and has a lovely light texture. 


1 comment:

Lee said...

OMG,Caroline will you just stop this LOL.I LOVE all your creations and want to bake them all.Glyn is going to get me a passion fruit (can't remember what they look like lol),I'm going to make the passion fruit cake today will take a pic when it's done.You are sooo clever bet this one tastes divine.Enjoy.Hugs xx