Saturday, 28 September 2013

Olive You

They say that our tastes change as we get older - 
well, it's taken me nearly 50 40 years to get used to the taste of olives.
I still can't eat them on their own, 
but black olives in a sweet, tomato sauce, with salty anchovies - delicious.

Here's a fabulous low-fat, low-cal Chicken Puttanesca from Sarah Raven. 
Click on the link, to show you how it could look 
if you weren't being pestered to just 'get it on the plate.'    ;-)


Stressed Stamper said...

Naaaa to Olives I am afraid.....sorry like marmite - love it or hate it...I actually though love marmite!

Lee said...

Yummmeeeee must make this thanks for sharing.x